Welcome to the Time Capsules to Space Festival – where artists from all walks of life are invited to create performances dedicated to the cosmos. Broadcast to space using a custom-built antenna, these performances, or virtual time capsules, are sent into space with the hopes of transmitting interplanetary/interdimensional understanding and to inspire a deeper human appreciation of Earth’s relationship to the greater cosmic landscape.

Time Capsules to Space is an artistic and sociological collection of human interpretations of life on Earth and the messages we are hoping to send. What would people send off to space given the opportunity? Being one of the first artistic/civilian efforts of its kind, the Festival is also greatly inspired by the 1977 Launch of the Voyager Golden Record. It is in the hopes that by asking us to look outwardly, the Festival encourages a kind of thinking that puts human beings in alignment with our unique place to our surroundings.

Concept, Executive Producer, Curator
| Zarah Cabañas
Creative Producer, Sound Designer | Matt Werden
Antenna Designers and Engineers | Luke Schantz, Michaela Russo
Sound Engineer | Rich Phillis
Set and Prop Designers | Lily Fairbanks, Sam Rudy
Video Engineers | Aleks Degtyarev, Sergey Emelianov, Zarah Cabañas
Videographers | Emily Colon, Gina Abatemarco
Stage Manager | Meeyup Lee
Transmission Engineers | Luke Schantz, Ted Pallas
Patch and Screen Seamstress | Taireina Gilbert
Production Assistants | Dan Arnes, Leah Tepperman
Organizational Advisors | Stephanie Palmer, Tahra Milan

O.Blaat/Keiko Uenishi, Doktor23 + Masha Gitin, VisualHornHonkinG + 2DamnCheeky, Wholly Mantra and the Stopstarts, VJ Yuri Elik, Greg Garing's American Roots Project, La Mae (virtual) + Zach Lieberman, Sifu Doug Pierre + Modern Arnis Domog, Grandmaster Atillo of Balintawak, P.M. Jawn, FreakCast + Man in the Sky + Lulu, Emily Colon, Gina Abatemarco, vj Lady Firefly

Time Capsules to Space Minis 2012-2015 // In collaboration with Summercamp Festival
(galleries + info coming soon)