Part dance party, part time capsule, and part video art project, Dance Party TV is our annual dance event that is recorded live in the Whale House with our fully-equipped S-VHS analog video studio.  Taking it back to the 90's of the future....


It was 2015….nearing the end of the summer….
It was rumored that the digital age had made its people sedentary, listless, and apathetic….that humans were better off as computers….  The broadcasters thought they had the population wrapped around their giant antennas, painting horrific pictures of fear and foolishness all over the world….

It wasn’t until a thousand years later, tucked away in a fireproof box along with remnants of pine cones, love letters, and disco balls,
that the discovery of Dance Party TV Videotape #1 uncovered the true nature of that time:

An era that was Soulful, Unapologetic, and Glowing.

An age full of people who were engaged, conscious, and connected….with incredible outfits….and danced like there was no tomorrow.

It was commonly understood that if it hadn’t been for this tape, future generations may have never known, just how lovely…it could be.


Created by // Zarah Cabañas + Matt Werden
Featuring the One and Only // DJ $mall ¢hange
Dance Ambassadors // György Zerosztar, Medusa Eszter, Bani Bee, Macsym Frosk, Emm O. Lee, Bianca Spina, Tony Spina, Alexander Spina (aka Easy Cakes), Bea Tinio, Nevapeva, Ian, Kate Cofrancesco, $mall ¢hange, Sinister and Smiley, Genevieve, Eric, Robert Bloom, The Glockenspiels, Cosmos Montoya, Raffaella Galliani, Melissa Lockwood, Visual HornHonkinG, Nick Rider, Alicia Skehan, Mariko, Heiress of the Ramsay Groove Transfer....and of course Big Bear.
VJ Heartthrobs // Megman Music, Luke Schantz, Visual HornHonkinG, Kate Cofrancesco, Lady Firefly
Ultra Camera Visions // Luke Schantz, Emm O. Lee, György Zerosztar, RBB_Digital, Wolfgang Glockenspiel, Lola Glockenspiel, Macsym Frosk, Seventies Beach
Party Bus Extraordinaires // Nick Rider + Alicia Skehan
Featured Fashion Designer // IQ Design Fashions by Melissa Lockwood (garments made from salvaged fabrics)
Curator of Exquisite Costumes // Luke Schantz
Make Up and Hair Station // Lisa Glockenspiel
Fabulous Window Artwork // Lola Glockenspiel
Playwright in Residence // Alexander Spina (aka Easy Cakes)
Time Capsule Contributor // Robert Bloom
After Hours Music Performance // Tony Spina
Dancer from Afar // Sir Enrique of Space Time
Presidential Dignitaries // Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, John F. Kennedy
Talents. Soul, and Sustenance // Everyone at DPTV