Because there is no light without darkness.  And no one said it was ever going to be easy.  To be together.  Do you think the wildness of the forest goes so willingly to meet the edges of the urban jungles?  Does the city gently adore what lies beyond his streets?  To find that place we can exist together, where we can each be ourselves, that frothy place between the waves and the sand...there lives the love, there lives the music, there lives the place we can all call home and be.



Zarah Cabañas // Vocals, Synth, Percussion, Kulintang
Matt Werden // Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synth, Pedal Steel
Blake Fleming // Drums, Percussion
Ian Hendrickson-Smith // Saxophones
Dave Guy // Trumpet
Karla Schickele // Bass
Ezra Gale // Bass

Jim Bertini // Audio Engineer
Alexis Berthelot // Audio Engineer
Francisco Botero // Audio Engineer

Original songs and arrangements by Zarah and Matt

Recorded at Space Acres
Overdubs recorded at Jim Bertini's and Studio G

Many thanks to the Gamelatron Project for kulintang set

Felix MC Werden // Executive Producer
Lucy and Violet // Co-Executive Producers