Matt and Zarah met on the moon.  Shortly after descending from orbit, they discovered a three eyed whale floating through the forest.  The whale quickly swallowed them up, along with their two invisible kittens, a giant teddy bear, some guitars and drums, VHS tapes, eskrima sticks, flannel pajamas, and a space antenna.  Then came the spectacular arrival of a giggling monk who urges them ever onward.



Zarah dwells in the space where dreams and waking life collide.  She is a vj/video artist, musician, World Champion arnisador, and Co-Founder of Space Acres in the Catskills of New York.

As vj Lady Firefly, Zarah creates live visual experiences, most recently collaborating with The Roots and Dave Chappelle.  In the studio Zarah has an extensive background in theatrical video design and post/production.  This includes over six years with Blue Man Group as Associate Creative Director of Video and currently at New York University as Digital Media Strategist and Guest Lecturer.  She is also deeply involved within numerous artistic communities and festivals in NYC, the Catskills, Philippines, and Russia.  Zarah has also been an educator at Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Artist-in-Residence at The Experimental Television Center, member of The Office for Creative Research, and Film/TV alumna of NYU: Tisch School of the Arts. 

Lately Zarah has split her remaining time between music and martial arts.  A multi-instrumentalist with a background in jazz improvisation and karaoke, she has fronted numerous bands and performed during the closing week of CBGBs.  Zarah was also a member of the US National Arnis Team in 2014 and earned her World Championship title at the WEKAF International Tournament that same year.  She continues to study Arnis and her newest musical project is City and Forest, a collaboration with partner in crime Matt Werden.  She was born in Manila, Philippines and grew up in Silver Spring, MD.


Matt has:

Been the Chief Engineer at the legendary LoHo Studios.
Jumped out of a helicopter.  While staring at the Eiger.
Ridden to the Super Bowl with Donnie Wahlberg.
Graduated from Berklee College of Music.
Transmitted murder ballads into space at sunset.
Made records with bluegrass superstars.
Slept it off.
Helped take some mimes throughout the world.
A few guitars.
Eaten fugu.
Coached a world champion.
A few new musical projects.
Plenty of ideas.


Lately Matt splits his time between Brooklyn and Space Acres, a frequent traveller of Rte Future 86.  When he's not making records and playing guitar you can find him listening to records and playing guitar.